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Sales Initiative is inspiration for the professional management of sales. It provides a website full of easily digestable, interesting and shareable content. From a toolbox to help improve sales skills and motivate teams through to opinions, news, webinars and white papers all designed to provoke and educate.

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Sales Initiative is aimed at anyone in sales, but particularly directors, managers and those individuals who are interested in developing their skill-set. It is for those who aspire to do better. Sales Initiative is for salespeople with "Initiative", for those who take the lead in improving the sales process and results whether for a team or themselves.

This audience are the cream of sales professionals and the perfect target audience for your product and we also offer the ability to e-blast our extensive database and deliver your message to in excess of 44,000 sales professionals in the UK.

Uniquely Sales Initiative has a world class sales assessment tool (the USSA) and training resources (SI Store) hard wired through the heart of the site to enable the transfer of the ideas, skills and inspiration that users gain from Sales Initiative into reality.

Do you sell open course sales training events, CRM software, sales training books? If you do then ask about how you can be part of the SI-Store.

To discuss the above and all other commercial opportunities including lead generation and webinar sponsorship contact Mark Blezard

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