Sales Talent Assessment

Test Your Business Skills - this is the 5th and final test from Sales Initiative - and arguably one of the most exciting! Within this simple 10 minute test we look at 4 key areas of business acumen that are crucial to sales success:

  1. Self-management and professionalism
  2. Exercising judgement and making decisions
  3. Problem solving
  4. Resilience and follow-through

Sales Initiative is all about making sure you and your team continue to improve and monitor your sales skills which is why we introduced our online assessment tool free of charge

This is 100% confidential - your personal step towards improving your skills.

Business Skills - take the assessment

This assessment takes the form of 44 statements, for each of which you are given 15 seconds to decide whether that statement is ‘most like you’, ‘least like you’, or something in between. You are given a 6 point scale to choose from. 

This whole assessment should take you no more than 10-11 minutes to complete – but please note – you need to be undisturbed for that time as the clock will not stop ticking once you start the assessment proper. You are given an example question to try first – then you need to complete the remaining 4 statements without a break. Once complete you will not be able to log back in again – so only start this when you know you have 10+ minutes of peace and quiet where you won’t be disturbed.

Lets go >>>>

The Report
Once you have completed the assessment you will receive a report detailing how you got on and showing how you compare to the skills a high performer would be expected to have. This report should reach you within 1 working day of you completing the assessment, but normally the report will be with you much quicker than that. This is a system generated delay which we need to enable us to carry out random spot checks on the reports, as we are required to do for quality and validity purposes. Don’t worry, it’s not you we’re checking – it’s our system’s accuracy and reliability that’s being checked.​

You will also be able to compare your personal results against the UK's national average (confidentially) when the UK Sales Skills Audit (USSA) is published later this year. The USSA is an initiative between Si Magazine and that compares national averages for all 5 Si self-assessment modules. No personal data is revealed, only combined averages which allows all participants to benchmark their success at the privacy of their own desk!

Endorsed by the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management, the UK’s sales qualification awarding body

Small Print: Don't panic - you're a sales professional!

All our assessments are normally specific to the job you are doing – but as this is offered to all our readers, it has to be a bit more generic.  If your skills are shown as low, then perhaps you should consider asking your boss to provide you with a full assessment specific to your own job, just to ensure we are measuring relevant skills. This will then enable you to work on any skills that are directly relevant to improving your performance in your own job, rather than developing these generic sales skills.

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