May 2, 2013


Savoy Hotel


The Strand, England, England WC2R 0EU

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    When it comes to Diversity and Inclusion sales is one area where companies are looking; probably because sales have traditionally been a male-dominated profession. It can be a scary thing to do for anyone and can seem especially daunting for women. 

    However women make great sales professionals not only because generally they listen, but also because they hear what is being said by the client/customer. They also tend to be sensitive and are more compassionate; though some may see this as a weakness; it is actually one of the strengths they possess that makes them great sales professionals.

    Women are adaptable, thrive on diversity and change, which is why they are perfect for the professions in sales.

    Women in Sales Awards is designed to find the most exemplary women in sales across the UK and Europe.

    Entries completed and submitted by 17 May 2013 are free of charge. Nomination fee for entries submitted between the 18th of May 2013  –  14th June 2013 is £150 + VAT per entry and nominations submitted after the 14th of June will be £200 + VAT.


    May 2, 2013

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